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Volunteer FAQs

How do I get to the Volunteer Marquee to report in?

Plan your journey carefully. Be aware that peak times for Wings & Wheels admissions are between 11:00 and 13:00 and exiting is from 16:00. The Volunteer Marquee is located by the main entrance which is in the centre of the arena (location 3). It is behind the double decker bus.

What should I bring with me?

Dress for the weather and wear warm clothes and comfortable shoes. Please also bring the mobile phone you provided the number of on your application and ensure it is fully charged so that we can contact you if required. You may also want to bring waterproofs.

What will happen at the morning briefing?

At the morning briefing you will meet the Volunteer Manager. They will provide you with your high vis jacket, float, programmes and drink, a radio if required (not all positions need a radio), and your Steward Handbook.

Can I bring a friend on the day?

You are welcome to bring a friend to volunteer with you however, if you have not registered in advance they will need to pay the entry fee into Wings & Wheels.

What if I’m asked a question I don’t know the answer to?

Contact the Volunteer Manager and they will be able to advise you. Alternatively, the information you need may well be in your Steward Handbook. You can also direct them to the Assistance Point which is located in front of the Volunteer Marquee in the middle of the arena.

What happens if someone needs medical assistance?

Do not put yourself at risk. Use common sense to provide basic first aid and contact security or a member of the W&W team for assistance. Medical professionals will be dispatched.

What happens if I am approached by someone who is unhappy about the event in any way?

Try to be friendly. Some people may become stressed and will often calm down if they are met with a non-confrontational friendly response. Explain that you are just a volunteer helper and suggest that they go to the Assistance Point where a manager will be able to assist them. Any member of the Wings & Wheels team or security will be able to assist you if required.

What is the most important part of my role?

Smile! Please remember to engage and be helpful to all our visitors – they will appreciate your enthusiasm and it will only add to their day's enjoyment.

Support and Advice: If you would like further information and advice on any aspect of volunteering as part of Wings & Wheels contact us on 01483 542226.

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