Military Zone & Parade Application Form for Solo Vehicles

  • Please note that entry to the Military Vehicle Paddock & Parade will be available to Pre-Booked vehicles only.
  • A pre-booked Military Zone & Parade participant will be entitled to free entry with a maximum of 1 additional adult and 3 children. Tickets will be issued on arrival and NOT in advance. Additional persons will be charged at the full gate price.
  • This application represents a booking form and is made in accordance with the terms and conditions included with this form.





Limited complimentary camping is available to participants of the Military Zone & Parade on a first come first serve basis. Those with authentic military camping equipment will be permitted to set-up within the Military Zone but must ensure that they are on display by 8.30 each day. Those without military camping equipment will be provided with standard camping outside of the arena.



  • All Military Zone & Parade participants are requested to be in place by 08:30 on Saturday 15 & Sunday 16 June 2019.
  • Dunsfold Wings & Wheels is open to the public from 09:00 until approximately 19:00. Participants in the Military Zone & Parade will be able to leave the arena at any time by contacting the Military Zone Manager and arranging an escort off the site.
  • Dunsfold Park is an active airfield and for safety reasons all visitors (traders, contractors, exhibitors, public) must comply with on-site signage and directions given by Dunsfold Park and/or Wings & Wheels staff at all times. Failure to comply is an arrestable offence under Article 73 of The Air Navigation Order 2005 and unauthorised entry to the operational area will result in immediate expulsion from the airfield and will be considered a breach of these Terms and Conditions. Please refer to the Wings & Wheels site procedures and access map for further information.

Static Displays

  • Participants are requested to be on display from 08:30. Every effort will be made to admit Military Zone & Parade participants as quickly as possible but, due to high volumes of traffic on the day, there may be delays of up to 30 minutes.
  • All sites are on grass. Barbeques and fires are not permitted.
  • No dogs or animals will be permitted except for official assistance dogs.
  • Display areas will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.
  • Military Zone & Parade participants must display their vehicle passes clearly, photocopies will not be accepted. Participants in the Military Zone & Parade without a valid vehicle pass will not be permitted entry and will be asked to park in the public car park.
  • Tickets will not be issued in advance. Each participant will be issued passes on arrival which will allow access to and from the arena.
  • No support vehicles will be permitted to park in the main Military Zone & Parade arena. Support vehicles will be asked to park in the public car parks.
  • Camping is permitted in the Military Zone but equipment must be authentic and set-up as part of the display. Camping participants must be cleared away and ready to admit public from 08.30. Non-themed camping will be arranged at a different location upon request.

Military Vehicle Parade

  • Your participation in the Military Vehicle Parade is appreciated. It is a valuable addition to Wings & Wheels, however it is subject to good weather and ground conditions on the day and therefore may need to be cancelled at short notice.
  • Maximum vehicle speed on site is 15 MPH AT ALL TIMES.
  • No live firing of guns is permitted without prior authorisation.


  • Although there will be a security presence within the site, all vehicles and items are left on site at the owner's risk.


  • All participants are asked to ensure that their site and immediate area around them be free from litter and refuse. We thank you for your co-operation in this as litter is a danger to aircraft.


  • Entrance is restricted to 150 vehicles. Priority will be given to those with historical significance.
  • Entries close on 3rd June 2019. Any entries received after this date will not be accepted.