Motoring Demonstration Application Form

By submitting this application you are agreeing to abide by the terms and conditions included in this form. In particular, you are agreeing that you will attend with the vehicle you have entered on each day if your entry has been accepted. Any entrant who has been accepted but fails to attend the event on any of the days accepted, without having given the organisers adequate notice of his/her non-attendance, will not be considered for participation at future events. If your car fails or any other unavoidable circumstance prevents you from attending, please notify the team on 01483 542226 or email in advance of the weekend  

  • Please read all attached information carefully before completing.
  • If your application is accepted for 2019, you will be required to pay an entry fee of £20 for a single day, or £35 for the Weekend. For this, you will receive 2 tickets for each day entered. Motorbikes will pay £10 for a day and £17.50 for the weekend, for this you will receive only 1 ticket.
  • Payment will be taken once you have been accepted into the Motoring Demonstration.
  • Entries close at 4pm on Friday 3rd May 2019
  • You will receive a notification that your application has been received, within 3 days of it arriving with us. If you do not receive this notification, please contact the events team. All applications for the Wings & Wheels Motoring Demonstration will be reviewed after the closing date of 3rd May 2019, in line with the ambition of providing a ‘crowd-pleasing spectacle’ on the runway. For operational reasons, numbers accepted for the runway demonstrations are strictly limited: priority will be given to vehicles which are deemed most appropriate to the event.
  • It is mandatory for all drivers and passengers in the Motoring Demonstration to wear a suitable Motorsport helmet. None will be supplied by the event organiser.
  • Under 18s are unable to be a passenger in the 2019 Motoring Demonstration.
  • All applicants will be notified of the success or otherwise of their applications by Friday 10th May  2019.





  • Pre-war cars must be able to maintain speeds in excess of 65mph on the runway
  • Post-war cars must be able to maintain speeds in excess of 80mph on the runway
  • Motorcycles must be able to maintain speeds in excess of 70mph on the runway
  • If you have a vehicle which does not fall into any of the above categories but which you believe would enhance the runway demonstration by its participation, please contact the events team.





All participants must be in place by 08:30 on Saturday 15th June and/or Sunday 16th June 2019 as relevant, and should not leave the event site before 18:00 on either day. Access to the Motoring Paddock via the Stovolds Hill Entrance will be closed at 08:30 each day, and vehicle access to the Paddock via other entrances cannot be guaranteed after that time. Dunsfold Wings & Wheels is open to the public from 9am - 9pm. Every person admitted to the event must be in possession of a ticket or wristband issued by the organisers. Entrants will receive a vehicle pass and two entry tickets/wristbands per vehicle. Additional entry tickets can be obtained in advance at the pre-booked entry price shown on the event website and on the entry form. Any person not in possession of a ticket or wristband will be refused entry and will be directed to a Box Office.

Dunsfold Park is an active airfield and for safety reasons all visitors (traders, contractors, exhibitors and public) must comply with on-site signage and directions given by Dunsfold Park and/or Wings & Wheels staff at all times. Failure to comply is an arrestable offence under Article 73 of The Air Navigation Order 2005 and unauthorised entry to the operational area will result in immediate expulsion from the airfield and will be considered as a breach of these Terms and Conditions. Please refer to the Wings & Wheels site procedures and access map for further information. Wings & Wheels reserves the right to wave the fee should a vehicle be deemed worthy.

Motoring Demonstration

The Motoring Demonstration is run under the IOPD rules for vehicle Demonstrations. Full details and regulations will be issued upon acceptance to The Demonstration. Barbeques and fires are not permitted in the Paddock area. No dogs will be admitted, except for official assistance dogs. Spaces are limited and will be chosen after the closing date. All participants will be issued with a number which must be clearly displayed in the windscreen or on a forward-facing surface throughout the Event. Motoring Demonstration participants must display vehicle passes clearly (photocopies will not be accepted) and be in possession of their entrance tickets or wristbands. Anybody without either a valid vehicle pass or ticket will be re-directed to one of the Box Offices. Access to the Motoring Paddock via the Stovolds Hill entrance will be closed at 08:30am on each day. No support vehicles will be permitted to park in the main Motoring Paddock. Support vehicles and transporters should be parked in the designated area outside the Paddock. If the presence of a support vehicle is essential to the running of your vehicle, please contact the events team.

All drivers and passengers must wear a properly fitting and fastened Motorsport helmet from the time they leave the paddock to the time they re-enter after their run. Under 18s are not allowed to be a passenger during the Motoring Demonstration under the IOPD rules. Drivers will be expected to present their driving license at registration and are recommended to ensure they have appropriate insurance cover.

Souvenir Programme

To help in compiling the Wings & Wheels Souvenir Programme, all entrants are asked to provide a clearly labeled electronic photograph (.jpg) of their vehicle to the events team.


Although there will be a security presence within the site, all vehicles and items are left on site at the owner’s risk.


All participants are asked to ensure that their site and immediate area are free from litter and refuse, and to place this in the bins provided. We thank you for your cooperation in this as litter is a danger to aircraft.


Bookings will only be accepted by completing, in full, the enclosed booking form. Entries close on FRIDAY 10th May 2019. Priority will be given to vehicles which are deemed suitable, and add to the crowd pleasing spectacle of the runway demonstrations. If the event is oversubscribed, the organisers reserve the right to select entries from those already received, and those that they feel are most appropriate for the demonstration runs.

Entry declaration

I accept the right of the organisers to alter or cancel any part of the event for operational or other reason. I understand that taking part in this event exposes me to the possibility of some physical risk to myself or any passengers in my vehicle which could have serious consequences. I acknowledge that even in the event of negligence on behalf of the event organisers or any individual carrying out duties on their behalf were to be judged as being a contributory cause to my injuries, the dominant cause of any serious injury will always be my voluntary decision to take part in an activity with some potential for physical risk