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Military Zone

Our interactive, explosive Military Zone brings you re-enactors, a living history zone, live battles and our popular military vehicles parade.

We have over 70 military vehicles, five re-enactment groups, the history of Dunsfold Aerodrome and Army, Navy and RAF recruitment stands for your entertainment. Read on for a taste of what we had in the 2017 Military Zone & Parade.

Details of 2018 will be posted in March.

Military Recruitment

103 Battalion Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) is an Army Reserve Unit that has Army Reserve Centres in the South East of England, it will be expanding into London in the future. Its role is to provide equipment support – inspection, maintenance, modification, repair and recovery of all the Army's equipment, all over the world, and in all conditions. The Army depends on its equipment being ready to go at a moment's notice.

On display is the Army's hi-tech recovery truck, or in military speak 'Support Vehicle (Recovery) or SVR for short, used by the Reserve Recovery Company. Recovery Mechanics specialise in rescuing tracked and wheeled vehicles and other equipment. Their job is to work out the pull required to recover ditched, bogged or overturned vehicles, and to use block-and-tackle layouts, heavy winch equipment and the vehicle's sophisticated radio-controlled crane to bring about safe recovery. Then transport it back to base for repair.

Other trades available within REME Reserves Unit are Vehicle Mechanics, Vehicle Electricians, Armourers, Technical Support Specialist, Communication Specialist, Staff Personal Support, Medic and Chefs.

For more information on the locations of the Army Reserve Centres and other roles and opportunities please visit the stand or click here for their website. 

The Royal Navy Mobile Recruiting Van (MRV) manned by Royal Marines will also be demonstrating team building activities.

For anyone wanting to find out more about how they could be a part of the Military Zone & Parade please visit our Exhibitor Page.

Re-enactment Groups


Tommies and Token Americans is a World War II re-enactment group consisting mainly of RAF, Paras, Home Guard, Royal Artillery, 'Token' American Soldiers and 1940s Civilians. The group portrays 1940s life, whether it be with the army or on the home front, and interacts with visitors telling stories and teaching people about the past. For more information click here.

Defenders of the Motherland Red Army living history group will be portraying an historic day in the Second World War. At Torgau on the banks of the river Elbe 135km south of Berlin, where East meets West, the mighty Red Army met up with US troops of the Fighting 69th infantry division on April 25th 1945. By joining forces the Soviets and American troops dealt a damaging blow to the Germans by cutting their army in two.

Military Vehicles

Applications for Wings & Wheels 2018 will be opening in the New Year, click here for more information. Please see below for who attended in 2017!


Military Zone Participant  Vehicle
Adrian Fox 

Land Rover Lightweight

Barry Claydon Land Rover 110GS
Brian Jarvis Daimler Ferret


Chris Marchant Lane

Alvis Saladin Mk2 

Daimler Ferret Mk2

Alvis Saracen APC

Clive Seabrook Morris Commercial CS8
Dan Sanderson Ford GPW Jeep
Dave Napper  SUMB MH600
David Galleymore Austin Champ
David Allen Land Rover Series 3
David Grange-Glen Ex RAF Land Rover Defender
Harry Horton

Land Rover Defender 110

Ian Cookson Willys Jeep
James Bunch Land Rover Series 1 
Jeff Simon Austin Champ FV1801
John Cornell Land Rover Airportable Half Ton
Jon Bartlett Armstrong MT500 Motorcycle 
Kevin Browne  Daimler Ferret MK1, Scout Car Liaison
Lyn Read

Diamond T Wrecker

Lynee Tatam  Land Rover 1 Tonne, Forard Control, FFR 24V
Malcom Smith

Land Rover 90 (GS)

Land Rover 90 Wolf

Mark Taylor

Ford GPW Jeep

Martin Ayling  Hotchkiss M201 Jeep
Martin Cross Mercedes U1300L
Michael Burne

Chevrolet C8A HUP

James ML

Michael Wood Airportable Utility Land Rover
Mike Voros Land Rover 110
Neil Thomas Honda ST1300 A6 Pan European
Nick Main Land Rover 110 V8
Paul Dove UAZ 469B
Paul Hurst  White M3A1 Scout Car 
Paul Wells Land Rover 101 Forward Control, FFR
Peter Webster  Airportable Land Rover
Russell Lobjoit Land Rover Series 2
Shane Potts

Alvis Saracen FV603 Armoured Personnel Carrier

Land Rover Lightweight FFR

Shaun Bartlett Land Rover Series 3 109
STD Alan Potter Army Land Rover 101
Stephen Hogan  Daimler Ferret Scout Car 2/4 
Steve Eaton

Ex-RAF Land Rover 90 & Sankey Kitchen Trailer

Tim Knight

Land Rover Defender 90

Tina Borer

Land Rover Series 2A 109 Let.

Tony Lintott  Land Rover Series 3 Lightweight
Tony Wright Land Rover Series 3 Air Portable 
Trevor Evans Ford GPW 



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