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Military Zone

Our interactive, explosive Military Zone brings you re-enactors, a living history zone, live battles and our popular military vehicles parade.

We have over 80 military vehicles, eight re-enactment groups, the history of Dunsfold Aerodrome and Army, Navy and RAF recruitment stands for your entertainment. Below is what was on in the 2018 Military Zone & Parade.

Military Recruitment

RAF Village
At the heart of the array of RAF assets is the must-visit interactive RAF village. The perfect place to find out more about a career in the RAF and discover the role we perform daily. With a variety of different trades represented by current serving personnel each one with a different career story.

RAF Recruiting
There are over 60 different trades and branches to choose from in the RAF including specialisations such as Cyberspace Communications Specialist, Air Operations support, Intelligence Analyst, Engineering, Force Protection and hospitality to name but a few. Want to find out more? Come and chat with the friendly RAF recruitment team and find out what full-time or reserve role are available to you.

Survival Equipment Specialists
Engineering specialists for aircraft and aircrew survival equipment; designed to save and preserve life in flight as well during emergency ejection and escape situations. Come and chat with the ‘squippers’ and interact with various pieces of equipment that they have on display, including life rafts, life preservers and much more!

Logistics drivers
RAF logistics drivers are required to drive and operate a diverse range of vehicles and equipment in support of RAF tasking. They are also facilitators of driver awareness, training and licencing. The award-winning RAF Benson Road Safety Driving Simulator is a ‘one of a kind` interactive platform where drivers can experience a variety of driving scenarios in a safe environment aimed at educating personnel and ultimately saving lives. Some of the simulator experiences can replicate distraction, hazard perception and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

RAF Motorsport Association
A Career in the RAF doesn’t just offer you an exciting and challenging career path but also opens up a vast community of clubs and associations. No more fitting for this event than the RAF motorsport association. Come and have a look at some of the vehicles owned, maintained and raced by serving RAF personnel from all different trades and background. Go-karts, track cars and motorbikes are just some of the vehicles on show. There may even be some RAF cars on display down the runway!

93 (Expeditionary Armament) Squadron
A Squadron of armament engineers that are able to deliver specialist, expeditionary weapons support capability to the UK Air Component. The Sqn is a lodger unit at RAF Marham supporting its day to day activities, including its frontline Aircraft Sqns. The Sqn can deploy anywhere in the world within 24hrs to deliver its capability. The Sqn’s display will showcase current weapons used in today’s Air operations, which include the Stormshadow, Paveway IV and the inventory of air-launched missiles.

Air Cadet Organisation
Too young to join the Regulars?! Join the Air Cadets! From age 12 onward you can get a feel for the military, and have tonnes of fun while you’re at it, shooting, drill, adventure training, flying & gliding, what’s not to like! Talk to some current cadets and staff in the RAF Village. Find them at: www.raf.mod.uk/recruitment and follow them on www.facebook.com/rafrecruitment and www.twitter.com/rafcareers.

Securing Britain in an uncertain world – The British Army
103 Battalion Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) is an Army Reserve Unit that has Army Reserve Centres in the South East of England, The Battalion Headquarters Crawley will soon be moving to Northampton at the end of this year. Its role is to provide equipment support – inspection, maintenance, modification, repair and recovery of all the Army’s equipment, all over the world and in all conditions. The Army depends on its equipment being ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Today on display is the Army’s hi-tech recovery truck, or in military speak ‘Support Vehicle (Recovery) or SVR for short, used by the Reserve Recovery Company. Recovery Mechanics specialise in rescuing tracked and wheeled vehicles and other equipment. Their job is to work out the pull required to recover ditched, bogged or overturned vehicles, and to use block-and-tackle layouts, heavy winch equipment and the vehicle’s sophisticated radio-controlled crane to bring about safe recovery. Then transport it back to base for repair.

Other trades available within REME Reserves Unit are Vehicle Mechanics, Armourers, Technical Support Specialist, Staff Personal Support, Medic and Chefs.

For more information on the locations of the Army Reserve Centres and other roles and opportunities please visit the stand or website http://www.army.mod.uk/reme/103bn.aspx

Protecting Our Nation’s Interests - The Royal Navy
The Royal Navy recruitment team can be found in the Military Zone with their Wildcat Helicopter to show you round these fascinating aircraft and demonstrate what a job in the Naval Service means - adventure, camaraderie and lifelong prospects. From policing the world's oceans, delivering humanitarian aid when natural or man-made disasters strike or deployed in combat, visit the team to find out how you could be a key part in operations around the world. In times of conflict or peace, the Royal Navy is key to the prosperity of Britain and the stability of the high seas.


Re-enactment Groups

You Brew, I'll Fire are part of Berks and South Oxon Military Vehicle Trust and their group will be at the show with two Second World War Jeeps and a trailer.

Nlba are a familiar group at Wings & Wheels with an authentic military set-up including jeeps, tents and props.

Aldhurst Military Vehicles has a fantastic display which includes a collection of jeeps, motorcycles, armoured cars, lorries and a tank – don’t miss them!

O.F military Group are a Cold War/Gulf War based group. Several of the group's vehicles have served in Bosnia, Northern Ireland and the Gulf and consists of Land Rovers from the early 80s through to the 90s. On display will also be a full field trailer kitchen, bomb disposal, radio communication tent and a field hospital

RCMP Canadian Display.

4th Infantry is made up of a group of friends with a wide selection of U.S military vehicles, de-activated weapons, uniforms and equipment that represent the Second World War.

Cold War Warriors.


Military Vehicles

The Military Zone is action-packed this year and this is some of what will be on show...


Vehicle Owner Vehicle Make & Model
Russell Lobjoit Land Rover S11
Richard Burlong Land Rover Series 2
Michael Gadd R/C Mark 1 Tiger Tank
Pat Chilton  Bedford  RL Workshop Lorry
A Hall Willys MB/ORD
J Hall Ford GPW
J Hall Willys MB/ORD Jeep
R Lewis Ford GPW (Jeep)
Keith Nicholas Hotchkiss M201 Jeep
Keith Nicholas Land Rover 
Roger Harber Ford GPW Jeep
Trevor Harber Matchless G3 Lightweight
John Harrison Land Rover Freelander
Stephen Hart Land Rover 110 gs
Colin Parr Land Rover 110 FFR
Heather Sergent  Land Rover 90
Adrian sergent Land Rover 110 FFR
Shane Potts Land Rover Light Wight FFR
James Bunch Land Rover Series 1
Brian Jarvis Bedford MJ
Steve Ramsey Willys MB Jeep
John Gammon Willys Jeep
John Gammon Dodge Command Car
Stephen Perry Ford Woodie
Stephen Perry Ford F60l
Stephen Perry Ford 21A
Jon Bartlett Armstrong MT500 Motorcycle
Paul Dove  Uaz 469B
Richard Burlong Land Rover 11A
Martin Tatnell Willys MB Jeep
Mr M Smith Land Rover 90 Wolf
James Harding Willys CJ3B
D. Inward Ford GPW Jeep
M Cross Mercedes Unimog 1300L
Camille Lobjoit Land Rover 110
Iain Lobjoit Land Rover Series 3 Lightweight
AJ Hurley Land Rover Series 1
Peter Tatam Land Rover 109
Mike Wood  Land Rover Air Portable utility vehicle. 
S Bartlett Land Rover Series 3
Bill Gill Willys M38
Andy Kyte GMC CCKW ST6 Workshop 
Tony Wright Land Rover Series
Bill Warner Ford GPW
Matt Cobden  Land Rover Minerva Ambulance 
Paul Wells Land Rover 101
Ian Cookson Willy's Jeep
Fraser Clayton A.E.C Matador
Phil Welch Land Rover Defender 110 GS Tithonus
David Grange-Glen Land Rover Defender
Stephen George Jones  Willys Jeep
Chris Haines Willys MB
Kevin Browne Daimler Ferret Mk1 Scout Car Liaison
David Allen Landrover Series 3
B Marris Ariel W-NG
Martin Ayling Hotchkiss/Willys M201 jeep
Dan Sanderson Ford GPW Jeep
Shaun Bartlett Land Rover
Mick Friend Ford Jeep
Trevor Evans Ford GPW
Tina Thomas Land Rover
Neil Thomas Honda
STD Potter Land Rover 101
Ivor Dadswell Ford BB
Mark Taylor Ford GPW
Lyn Read Diamond T Wrecker
John Place Land Rover Series 1
David Galleymore Austin Champ



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